Lowest Home Equity Rates – The Facts

There is a simple rule to follow when it comes to home equity rates – lower does not always equal better. Having access to the absolute lowest home equity rates is obviously desirable, but what happens if that low rate is attached to a type of loan you don’t need? What if you stand to lower your rate if you take out a greater loan amount than you’re looking for?

Don’t play around with home equity for the sake of lower rates.

Find the right loan at the most affordable price.

Find it with Low Home Mortgage Rates.

lowest home equity rates

Securing the lowest home equity rates for your needs

Where will you find the absolute lowest home equity rates available in today’s market?

  • Where there are higher loan amounts.
  • Where greater personal risk is involved.

Which makes sense, you’re being rewarded for taking on a greater challenge, but it’s a challenge you should definitely consider carefully in today’s market. The home equity loan rates attached to a $50k equity loan will be lower than the rates attached to a similar $30k loan – but if you don’t need that extra $20k and can’t handle the payments then what god is a lower rate going to do?

Contact us. Fill out our FREE online form and sign on with our FREE home equity loan services. We’ll begin by sending you in the right direction for the most suitable loan for your specific needs – then we’ll worry about bringing you the lowest home equity rates possible for your specific loan.

A careful eye on the HELOC

The lowest home equity rate will always – always – be attached to a home equity line of credit. Apply with Low Home Mortgage Rates and you will hear about a HELOC and might be offered a quote – but be careful. While a HELOC will always carry the lowest home equity rates at the start these rates are always adjustable and the loan will always come equipped with an initial interest-only term. Rising rates and feckless spending might create a price shock of incredible proportions – and only with LHMR will you be shown the full picture and will you secure the financing you know you can count on throughout your equity experiment.