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Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates - What do you know about this intimidating topic? Whip out the calculators! It's time to get to the heart of discerning the different types of mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates

Today's mortgage rates are low - but our search will make them even lower. By completing and sending in our FREE online application, you are opening a world of Low Home Mortgage Rates:

  • We'll take your specific and unique mortgage needs to a wide range of competitive financial experts
  • They will contact you with their loan ideas, the means with which to secure lower mortgage rates
  • They will offer you these ideas in the form of actual loan quotes - leaving it up to you to choose the single best option.

We do not provide home mortgages here at Low Home Mortgage Rates. We offer a comprehensive view of your mortgage options to be sure you find the very best deals - the most agreeable terms, the most flexible lenders, and the lowest mortgage rate for your specific loan.

Act fast for the best mortgage rates

Today's mortgage rates will not last however, and your financial success depends on timing just as much as increased lending options and opportunity. Our associate mortgage lenders are standing by, waiting to offer you the best mortgage quotes on the market, quotes that work for your home loan success today and preserves your financial success tomorrow. The thousands of affordable mortgage loan opportunities we find for our clients continue to prove beyond a doubt that our mortgage search is better, and that the timing of our methods prove again and again to work at saving you money with lower rates.

Getting up close and personal with mortgage rates

Fill out our secure, non-binding FREE form to receive your complimentary consultation today. Our leading home mortgage experts will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have on mortgage rates or any other topic in the homeownership arena. Additionally, you'll receive referrals and quotes to some of the top lenders in the country - who are the most in-demand for the buyer-and-seller-friendly mortgage loans.

Popular mortgage rates

The two most popular types of rates are the fixed rate mortgage (FRMs) and the adjustable rate mortgage (ARMs). There are pros and cons to both mortgage types; it is up to you to decide which mortgage rates you would benefit from most. Fixed rates, of course, will stay the same for the life of your loan. Adjustable rates will fluctuate - and there are many different formulas which can be designed to determine what these are. ARMs do work the same in that at the end of the fixed period, the interest rate fluctuates according to a value called an index. The most common types of index which can govern these types of mortgage rates are as follows:

  • Treasury Bills (T-bills) - common with 3 and 6 month ARMs
  • London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) - common with 1, 6 and 12 month ARMs
  • Treasury Securities (TCM) - most common Index used for annual and Hybrid ARMs
  • COFI - common with 1 and 6 month ARMs

Useful tips on mortgage rates

What may be useful in getting the terms straight is to remember that ARMs are the mortgage rates which are, in essence, short term fixed rate mortgages. The shorter the term, the lower the rate. However, the longer the duration of the term, the higher the rate will be. Many who go into this type of arrangement with their mortgage company will often restructure or eventually seek out a refinance mortgage that will end up making more sense within the realm of looking at your home as a long term investment. For further elaboration of any of the information contained within this page, please don't hesitate to ask one of our certified mortgage experts during your complimentary consultation.

When you do contact our certified mortgage experts, be sure to ask the following questions:

Finding you the best home mortgage loan rates is our goal at Low Home Mortgage Rates. Our mortgage professionals are not necessarily concerned with the lowest rates, unless those will be appropriate for your financial needs.

Fully understand your mortgage rates

All you need is to fully realize exactly what it is you are getting yourself into. It wouldn't make sense to sign into anything you don't fully understand yet, would it? So don't. Make sure you have a clear picture of the next 15 or 30 years of your life. Understand, for instance, the pros and cons of the adjustable rate mortgage - in comparison to the others as mentioned above. Also, find out how your loan terms and specs can be better than initially quoted. Don't ever forget you have the right to negotiate and play hardball on your loan, and that the best place for your negotiations is not on the mortgage amount but the mortgage loan rates you assume with your mortgage. Home mortgage interest rates are guided by indexes, but in practice are completely arbitrary to the lending institution and differ from loan to loan. If you are interested in actively learning about the aspects effecting your mortgage rate and more, just fill out our secure, non-binding form and you'll be put in touch with one of our experts who can provide you with quotes and referrals to competing lenders - if that is what you've indicated you have an interest in.

Different time, different place, different mortgage rates

If you're considering moving to another state, be sure to research the current mortgage rates for the specific state you are moving to. There are important differences from state to state, and the mortgage rates will differ! Different states have different regulations and laws governing their mortgage lenders. The array of differing or unique mortgage practices can be intimidating and confusing to the individual, so use our guides to Florida mortgage rates and California mortgage rates to get an idea of the rates in the region where you will assume your mortgage. Geography alone will not influence your mortgage rate, as a countrywide mortgage is generally the same everywhere. Time is the monumental factor. Use the above information on fixed and adjustable rate mortgages to get an understanding of home mortgage rates, then fill out our form and let us give you your mortgage options for the location you need and for the time you desire.

Refinancing options to save big on your loan

Rates are at historical lows, and refinance mortgage rates are no exception. It makes no sense for you, the home owner, to maintain your payments of 8 or 9% interest when new home buyers are paying 6 or 5% interest on their new loans just because they bought later. Mortgage refinancing provides you with the chance to take advantage of today's or any future low interest rate, and our financial experts can guide you toward the lenders who provide for mortgage refinance. Furthermore, if you are in the market for a second home or an investment in property, our experts can lead you to the best in favorable location home financing. We have industry contacts set up specifically for your California mortgage and Florida mortgage needs, and our experts have the resources and financial abilities to finance your home anywhere in the country.

Know your options, know yourself

The biggest factor determining which rates and loans you qualify for is you - your personal finances, individual lifestyle, and future plans. If you've experienced financial setbacks in the past - made some mistakes but are ready to change - then a bad credit mortgage is a viable opportunity for millions of American families to own a home while simultaneously improving upon their credit standings. Complete our form and let our mortgage experts locate and nail down that home mortgage most appropriate and beneficial for you and your financial demands. You're loan application will be handled by both local and nationwide mortgage experts - Countrywide mortgage rates are as low or lower than local rates, and we search for the best. You are an individual, and we will locate the right loan in the exact location from the best lenders in the mortgage industry. The best mortgage rates, of course, are found by using our FREE search tool! Apply NOW!

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